Stolen Stamps

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My father, an avid philatelist, has just been burgled - the bastards have taken an entire safe!  As well as passports, wills and other important documents, they've lost three valuable stamp albums.  I've been given the following descriptions from my father of some of the prominent missing items/the main contents of some of the albums:
  • £5 orange. Central cancellation date stamp over Queen Victoria's face. Dated possibly 1899, 30 or 31 December.  Very fine used
  • album of covers - the most unusual item has 2x1 shilling stamps, sent to Buenos Aires
  • Other main album - starting with about 20 penny blacks, followed by a dozen tuppeny blues without lines, then more tuppeny blues with lines, then on to other types of stamp
  • Embossed stamps - sixpence, tenpence and shilling values.  Some square cut and others cut to shape.
I'd really appreciate it if you could keep your eyes open - I'll be scanning e-bay regularly myself, but don't really have a clue about the other on-line communities where an unscrupulous seller might try and shift them. Any advice would be gratefully received.  And should you see any suspicious job lots or individual items on the list matching the description, please get in touch.

Thanks so much.
Sam & Lilo

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Name: Ivy :)
Age: 18
Country: England
Zodiac sign: Scorpio
How long have you been collecting stamps for?: like, a weeek
Approx. how many stamps are in your collection?: about.. a hundred?

I'm totally new to stamp collecting and I don't know much about it but I hope i'll learn soon.

Hi! :)

Hi everyone! One-time swaps needed :)

Name: Marika (but I prefer Åda-Marika)
Age: 21
Country: Finland
Zodiac sign: Scorpio
How long have you been collecting stamps for?: Just only a few days!
Approx. how many stamps are in your collection?: not many yet...
Got anything else you'd like to share?: I only recently got interested in stamps. Maybe you would like to exchange a one-time swap with me? I hope you can accept all kind of stamps, because I don't have many yet. I hope you can help me get started :)
Thank You!

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Low-brow community for stamp pictures


I've been collecting stamps for twenty years, and finally decided to make a community about looking at stamps, and showing off stamps. You're invited!


Not a very creative name, I know. But I hope you'll stop in and have a look. The purpose is to exhibit pictures of your stamps, but pictures of currency or envelopes or other stuff is welcome, not to mention entries without pictures at all.

Come in! The more, the merrier!


Name: Lone
Age: 24
Country: Denmark
Zodiac sign: Aquarius
How long have you been collecting stamps for?: since 2003
Approx. how many stamps are in your collection?: MANY!! Used to work at a post office! 
Got anything else you'd like to share?: 
I´d love to trade with people from around the world! 
I can send you from a specific country or if you collects flowers, trains planes, famous people etc 
I myself collect butterflies & old danish stamps :) 


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Name:Rayuzaki lade
Zodiac sign:Sagittarius
How long have you been collecting stamps for?:i'm not sure..its seem like ihave collected ever since primaryschool
Approx. how many stamps are in your collection?: hmm more than thousand..
Got anything else you'd like to share?: i would like to exchange stamps with others. I'm really interested too. I basically collect stamp even if they are used before. no worriesi wash them clean ^^ .I currently building a photoalbum so that others could actually see wat stamp they wan to exchange with me. I'm glad to do so. ^^

New Australian Member: wants to trade with you

Name: Karen
Age: 22
Zodiac sign: Pieces
How long have you been collecting stamps for?: On and off for about 12 years
Approx. how many stamps are in your collection?: about 2000 in collection 3000 (includes doubles) to swap
Got anything else you'd like to share?: 
I would like to trade with people from other countries. I can trade as many individual, unique Australian stamps as you like up to about 200. I also have a few pre-decimal currency  stamps to trade. All stamps are used, but lightly postmarked and in good condition. I will only trade for the same condition or better.
If you want to trade, let me know, send me some stamps and I'll trade you the same quantity back. If you are collecting a particular theme, animals, trains ect, and want only those please check because I may only have a few to trade.
On a side note, I have heaps of kangaroos and koalas, australian birds and flowers.

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el greco

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Name: Ivan
Age: 23
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
How long have I collected stamps: my grandfather started it - than his eldest daughter, my aunt, took over it, and I was given the collection when I was six or so. By the time I was 13 I totally abandoned the collection, although I managed to assemble a significant number of art and animal (including dinosaurs) stamps. Recently I rediscovered my collection and I am enjoying it immensely. I have some doubles which I would love to trade for stamps of equal value. I'll be scanning them soon. I am particularly interested in art stamps and vintage basic postage stamps from around the world.
How many stamps I have: no idea. not too many, not too few.